Archived Top 10 Tips

10 Tips When Pitching the Media

1. Target your pitch to appropriate publications and programs only

2. Target your pitch to the correct reporters, editors and producers..

3. Do some research: read, watch or listen to the media outlet BEFORE you pitch.

4. Ask the reporters if they are on deadline when you call — if so, call back later.

5. When you send emails, make them brief and interesting.

6. Don't send attachments unless requested.

7. When a reporter has a specific contact preference (email, fax or call), don't ignore it.

8. Make sure your company Web site has an accurate, complete press center for follow-up research..

9. Offer an exclusive story to one key media outlet if the news warrants it — but just one at a time.

10. Plan your pitch before you call, but don't script it or read it — it will sound canned.




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