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Q: Our company is one of many in a crowded industry. How can we get the media to pay attention to our firm?

A. You need to distinguish yourself from the pack by identifying what makes your firm unique, or at least unusual. It might be your business model, your expertise or your intellectual property. Maybe it’s the way you treat your customers. Or the CEO’s management style. Be specific, though. Everyone promises customer service — you need to illustrate why the things you offer are substantially different.

Maybe your company isn’t what’s unusual — perhaps it’s the people you employ. (Even if the story isn’t specifically about your product or service, the media exposure can be very helpful and these kinds of stories are memorable.) What kind of obstacles has your chief executive overcome to get to where he or she is today? Does your chief information officer do stand-up comedy in his or her off hours? Has he or she written a book? Does one of your employees excel at X-treme sports? Reporters who balk at hyping a business may leap at human-interest stories. All you need is a hook. Once you’ve found it, the media will fall into line.

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