Lesson 2: The Essence of

Technology PR: How to Make A Better Widget
Lesson 1: Has Anyone Seen my VAP?

Arguably the hardest obstacle facing an emerging growth company is to define what defines its ‘emergence.’ An intended emergence for an organization is usually centered on a specific product, service, technology or an entirely new approach to an old process; in short, a singular characteristic that allows the company to stand apart from its competition. Most often this characteristic is referred to as an organization’s VAP, or its value added proposition.

Internally, within the organization, it should(!) be a relatively easy task to define one’s VAP. Hey, an organization’s VAP is why the company was created and sustained in the first place! Externally, however, it could be an entirely different story. That’s where public relations comes into play.

The odds are if your organization is an emerging one, you’re almost always the small fish in a pond of seemingly endless proportions. Getting your voice out there is a near-impossible task if you approach the process blindly. Have no fear: you are armed with Mighty VAP! and hopefully a good public relations team, whether internal, external or both, that can maximize your widget’s greatness in a sea of a million widgets.

The good news is that a solid VAP, regardless of the size of your fish or the prestige of your widget, can be maximized if approached correctly. A good public relations firm understands that the true value of a VAP is best measured by its role as a company’s market differentiator. One cannot be a ‘leading provider’ if its VAP is providing something that already exists in the marketplace.

The biggest challenge lies in having your entire organization, from your executives. . . to your engineers. . . to your public relations professionals. . . all speaking the same VAP language.

Lesson #2 will approach the nuances of achieving The Essence of VAP-ness, and how to make your widget talk.

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